Evangel Assembly
Mission Statement
Our mission is to be, with God's help, a community committed to bringing wholeness, meaning to people's everyday lives, by applying the example and teaching of Jesus Christ, and by providing opportunities for service to others.

We value:
Authentic Spirituality
We value the encouragement and expression of spirituality (the experience of and response to God) in authenticity.

Loving Community
We value purposeful attempts to form and unify individuals and families into a Christian community, prepared to love and serve.

Caring Outreach
We value outreach to people not presently in relationship with God through informal, relational, and seeker sensitive ways.

Helping People to Wholeness
We value meeting people where they are and helping them in becoming whole, healthy, and productive members of the church and community.

Life-Related Teaching
We value quality and life-related teaching and preaching from the Bible.

Personal Touch
We value the ministries and services of the church being done with a personal touch.

World Awareness
We value the involvement of individuals and families with missionaries and in missions endeavors in order to develop in them a sense of world need and awareness.

The truth is, we are just people. We are not perfect people, nor are we especially religious people. We are simply a group of people just like you, who have been helped by God in our own lives - so much so that we want to reach out to help others. Jesus said that He "came not to be served but to serve." We desire to have the same attitude in our own lives and in our church.

Our church exists to serve. Sometimes that is in practical ways, like taking meals to people who have just returned home from the hospital or who are shut in. Over 60 people in our church are committed to service projects in our communities.

Sometimes it is by helping people improve their quality of life like offering groups for co-dependency or grief recovery. It might be to help answer questions that you have about faith through The Alpha Course, or helping people to understand the Bible and experience God more personally in their lives.

Whatever the way, Evangel Assembly is here to serve people like you. Whether you are a person who has never gone to church or a person who may have gone to church as a child but wonders if it's for your life now - we are here for you!