Evangel Assembly
Pastoral Staff

Brian Tracy is our Lead Pastor. Brian and his wife, Cristie, moved to the Springfield area in 1987, planted Evangel in 1996 and fell in love with New England! While their sons Colin and Cody are the only members of the family born in Massachusetts (Cristie grew up in Lima, Ohio and Brian grew up in Pittsburgh, PA), they all feel right at home in Western Massachusetts.

Interestingly enough, as a young man, Brian did not want to be a pastor! He was raised in the Catholic Church and desired a close walk with God from a young age, but he definitely did not want to become a minister. After sensing a strong call from God in high school to become a pastor, he began preparing for ministry. He graduated from Central Bible College with a B.A. in Biblical Studies. He also received a Master's Degree from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. Brian is also an ACC (Associate Certified Coach) credentialed coach with ICF (International Coach Federation), a Certified Leadership Coach with Coach Approach Ministries, and a Level 3 Proficient Coach with the Assemblies of God. He enjoys coaching individuals and teams to reach their desired goals!

Brian and Cristie are both involved strongly in the community as well. Cristie leads a mentoring program for at risk children in Springfield (Kids Hope USA) and is PTO president at Cody's school in Wilbraham. Brian is a mentor in that Kids Hope program and serves on the School's Council of a Wilbrahm school. Colin is a graduate of UMass Amherst and substitute teaches while auditioning for parts in theatre and film. Cody enjoys going to school and playing football and soccer whenever he can.

Going along with this, Brian's favorite pastime is following his favorite sports team, the Pittsburgh Steelers. This often leads to "problems" at home since Colin roots for a conference rival, the Jacksonville Jaguars. Brian also enjoys reading, exercising, and kayaking. Cristie enjoys reading, kayaking, and anytime the Steelers don't play the Jaguars!

Ralph Clark is our Youth/CE Pastor. Ralph and his wife, Amy, moved to the Springfield area in 2001. This was a homecoming of sort for Amy who grew up in Boston's south shore. Ralph grew up in Erie, PA and has found New England as his new home. Ralph and Amy have three children, Noah, Zach and Melody. The Clarks both grew up attending Assemblies of God churches, however each took their own path in finding God's call in their lives and found each other and their calling at Valley Forge Christian College.

Ralph has a bachelor's degree in Youth Ministry and some post graduate work from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary. Ralph has worked with students for 20 years and finds his passion in helping them find God's calling and purpose in their lives. Along with assisting the Southern New England Ministries Network in their ministries to students across the network, Ralph has also served the Western Massachusetts section churches in maintaining and starting student ministry groups. Amy's bachelor's is in Education and her heart has always been for the orphan and how her life could be used of the Lord to impact others. This calling has led her into the Early Intervention field, working with Infants and Toddlers with disabilities, developmental delay or families and children who find themselves in high risk situations.

The Clarks also commit time to the needs in their community. Ralph mentors with Kids Hope USA at a local Springfield elementary school and Amy serves on the Wings of Love, Inc. board. Wings of Love, Inc. exists to uplift and encourage those who could not on their own with tangible items and events.

Ralph has found the last few years in Youth Ministry exceptionally interesting due to having Noah and Zach in attendance. Ralph loves to have them be a part of the ministry, especially now that one has his learner's permit and both play in the Youth band; Noah on drums and Zach on the bass. Amy continues to chase Melody throughout her life. Any sport, dance, horseback riding lesson or party, Mel is there and Amy can be found taking a nap in the corner.... Ralph also leads the church missions teams including trips to Kotzebue & Ketchikan, AK, Ireland (twice), Guatemala City, Guatemala (twice), Kingston, Jamaica and two trips to Swaziland. There have also been several trips within the states.

Ralph and Brian share a common interest in their love for the Steelers. Sunday afternoons in the Tracy's house have become very lively. Ralph also enjoys the arts, all sports, and Star Trek.

Bradley Causey is our Worship Arts and Small Groups Pastor. Christan Causey is our Theatre Director. Brad and Christan were married in December of 2005, and have two sons, Cavin and Paxton. They enjoy being together as a family and watching their boys grow. One favorite family activity is taking day trips to explore all of the wonderful areas of New England. Brad and Christan are not natives of New England, but grew up in the Midwest. However, they are quickly becoming "New Englanders" and finding a love for the area.

Brad and Christan graduated from Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri. Brad obtained a bachelor's degree in Biblical Studies and holds his ministerial credentials with the Assemblies of God. Christan obtained a bachelor's degree in Secondary Education (with an emphasis in Theatre/Communications) and holds ministerial credentials with the Assemblies of God. They are enjoying following the path of ministry on which God is taking them.

Brad's favorite things are coffee, music and technology of any kind. Christan's favorite things are candy, reading and the arts of any kind (especially graphic design, drama and music). Cavin enjoys playing outside, cars and pirates, peanut butter sandwiches and singing/dancing. Paxton loves to cuddle and discovering the big world around him. All together, they have a passion for music, church life and playing together as a family and with friends.

Brian Mascaro is our Children's Pastor. Brian and Loryn grew up in the Scranton PA area. As Brian transitioned from high school to college, his dream was to become a civil engineer. He had a change of heart in his freshman year and transferred to Valley Forge Christian College (VFCC) to study theology. While at VFCC, Brian worked for the local YMCA with kindergarteners. He also volunteered at Calvary Assembly of God Wilmington, which entailed working with their youth, children, and an internship as associate pastor. One of his biggest achievements of his time spent at Valley Forge was marrying Loryn, which was between his junior and senior year of college—July 7th, 2012. Brian graduated from VFCC with B.A. in Theology Studies with a focus in Philosophy and Religion in 2013. He plans to continue his education at Boston University, where he was accepted into their Masters of Theological Studies program with a focus in Philosophy, Ethics, and Theology.

Before moving to Massachusetts, Loryn served as a middle school teacher at The Christian Academy located in Brookhaven Pennsylvania. She taught there for seven years. During that time, she also taught third and fifth grade. Loryn also graduated from VFCC and earned a B.S. in Elementary Education. She also earned a Masters of Education from Cairn University. Loryn will be seeking to use her teaching skills professionally as she comes to Western Massachusetts. Loryn grew up as a Pastor’s daughter and has been a steadfast volunteer within the church her entire life so being a part of a church staff will feel quite natural.

During their spare time, Brian and Loryn both love to read. However, their taste in books highly contrasts. Loryn is currently reading every Newberry Classic, while Brian spends his time reading philosophy and classics such as Hamlet and The Odyssey. They are also both athletic. Brian enjoys going to the gym and playing basketball. On the other hand, Loryn loves soccer and softball. Lastly, they both love food. Brian enjoys steak, and Loryn will eat anything spicy, especially tacos.