Evangel’s motto of being “Here to Serve” is lived out in many ways! Locally, the food pantry at Evangel feeds over 5,000 people each year. Our involvement with the local Springfield Convoy of Hope outreaches has served well over 10,000 people with groceries, cloths, shoes, and etc. We have also raised over $64,000 for “Feeding Children Everywhere,” which helps kids with food in the United States.  Internationally, we want to make a difference as well. Whether it has been putting fresh water wells in Africa or South America or building orphanages and churches in Africa and Nepal, we have been, and are, “Here to Serve!” 


One of our largest investments internationally has been in Haiti. It is by far the poorest country in our part of the world. Haiti has still not recovered from the 2010 earthquake that killed 400,000 and left tens of thousands of orphans. There are tremendous needs for help with sanitation and clean water and these are needs that this poor country simply cannot meet alone! By investing ourselves in Haiti, we not only change their lives but impact our lives by developing a heart for the world!



Our goal is to make a long term difference by making a 10 year commitment to a region in Haiti, working with Convoy of Hope (a four star charity) and local churches. So whether by $10 a month pledges that we receive each year, which provide food, clean water and education for a child (there are 44,000 kids in Haiti on the waiting list for food!); or through twice-a-year missions trips, (funded by Christmas Poinsettia sales), which focus on construction, health clinics, clean water education, and children’s/family ministry—we are making a difference!




How can you help?



  1. Make a $10 a month pledge and change the life of one child!  Go to https://evangelassembly.churchcenter.com/giving

  2. Join us for a trip to Haiti yourself! (Our goal is to take 100 different people there to see the need first hand!)



We at Evangel are truly “Here to Serve” and we invite you to join us!  For more information you can call us at (413) 599-1729 or email info@evangelassembly.org